Friday, June 04, 2010


I LOVE COLDPLAY. They're like the awesomest band ever. Right now actually, I'm listening to Trouble on my iPod. Their songs have so much emotion and passion in them, and their instrumentals are really amazing. It's like, "Why are they so talented?" God really did bless them with heaps of talent.

I first heard of Coldplay way back in 2005 because of One Tree Hill's use of the song Fix You, but back then I didn't really know about them. When Viva La Vida (the album, not the song) was released back in 2008, I thought, "Hey, this is a pretty cool band", but I still didn't follow them. I finally fell in love with them about last year when my friend Dre was bubbling with enthusiasm about this song Clocks. So later that day I checked out the song. I wasn't disappointed. From then on I did extensive research on them, downloaded their songs, and started really appreciating their genius.

My favorite Coldplay songs are The Scientist, Clocks, Life In Technicolor II, and In My Place. They're my favorite band, alongside The Beatles and The Ting Tings.

For one day, I'd wanna be Chris Martin. Without him, Coldplay wouldn't be Coldplay. I mean, he is so talented, so rich, and he's married to Gwyneth Paltrow. Seriously though, I really admire him. He's so passionate when he sings and plays the piano. Look.

See? I think Coldplay is one of the only acts who can perform better live. This version of Politik was even better than the studio. :)

You know what, Coldplay deserves a play list on my iPod. I'm gonna make it now. :)



    It's on my i pod! Also, I made you listen to this on February! Remember? :)

  2. I know.

    Thanks! You read my blog! :D


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